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Best performance of the year award granted to John Ruck Construction Ltd

UK customer John Ruck Construction receives Volter Best Performance Award of the Year 2017
Volter has granted the best performance of the year 2017 award to John Ruck Construction for obtaining highest Volter 40 Indoor unit operating hours. The company has reached respectable performance of over 8200 hours per year, which is even above specified 7800 hours maximum annual run time. The Volter sales team travelled to Leominster UK to present the award and a gift voucher for one year free spare parts for one Volter 40 Indoor unit. Click here to see the video.

When John Ruck Construction team was asked what their secret is behind such impressive hours, the answer was very clear; it is all about good communications and commitment. One needs to react quickly and be available if downtime occurs.

They also explained that a very important factor behind the good hours is that they are doing exactly what Volter has asked them to do, which is using the right moisture and the right type of woodchip as a fuel for the units.

According to the John Ruck Construction team Volter’s technology is clever. Once you learn to understand the engineering it feels quite simple and straight forward and units are easy to run.

Volter is very proud to have committed customers like John Ruck Construction, who are so capable to maintain the units. Congratulations Team John Ruck Construction!


Head technician Mick is measuring the moisture content
of the woodchip that is used as a fuel for Volter 40 Indoor units.


John Ruck Construction Ltd manufactures structural steelwork for construction projects. Side by side with the company operates a woodchip production business, Elms Green Woodchip. The company has three independent Volter 40 Indoor units feeding heat to different buildings and workshops and to dry woodchips. The units are covering most of the sites electricity need. Outside working hours, the electricity is exported back to the grid, making the site itself a net exporter of electricity.

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