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New Trust, Akita, Japan


Creating a model for agriculture and social welfare fields

New Trust is a company located in Akita City, Japan in the business of selling hydroponic vegetables. The company has created a new initiative in providing year-round employment opportunity to local disadvantaged workers to cultivate lettuce and other vegetables in a greenhouse. Their aim is to establish themselves as a model for industry in both agriculture and social welfare fields by not only stabilizing income through sale of electricity, but also striving to reduce winter heating costs.


Stabilizing operations with the Volter 40 Indoor

The company operates two greenhouses attached to its hydroponics plant. One Volter 40 Indoor is installed adjacent to the facilities and is generating an annual electrical output of about 300´000 kWh, which will help to stabilize operations through electricity sales. The heat from the Volter 40 Indoor will also be utilized from autumn to early spring in order to substantially reduce heating costs. The combined aspect of harnessing productive capacities of both heat and power enables the company to see itself as an organization where disadvantaged workers can secure employment with good wages – providing a healthy environment to the entire community.

“Agricultural and social welfare organizations which utilize compact biomass generators are rare in Japan,” “By stabilizing our operations through electricity sales and year-round cultivation, we are able to provide agricultural jobs to both elderly and persons with disabilities who seek to work. We hope that, once we get our operations on track, this will help promulgate such systems across the nation.”

Nakamuta, New Trust CEO


This installation was done by Volter´s distributor in Japan, Volter Japan.

Project Details

Location : Akita, Japan