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RM Group, Mochdre Industrial Estate, Newtown, UK


Automated packaging machinery specialist goes green

RM Group provides contract packaging services and manufactures customized packaging systems.


Cutting manufacturing costs by investing in an on-site power plant

RM Group supplies and manufactures various manual and automated packaging machinery and systems.

For a factory like RM Group, energy is one of the major costs in the manufacturing process. Reducing heating costs for the buildings for steel work, stocking and operating machinery is an easy way to make significant savings and increase profits.


Using existing buildings for Volter’s CHP

A substitute for expensive fossil fuel energy was needed and the company owners became interested in the potential of biogas CHP. With a few modifications, a compact Volter 40 Indoor Combined Heat and Power plant was placed into an existing building where the old oil tank was located. Utilizing old unnecessary water tank for a woodchip fuel store, the system was installed without the need for new buildings.

Benefit in selling the excess to the grid

The electricity generated from Volter’s CHP unit covers the majority of RM Group’s energy need. When overproduction of electricity occurs, it is sold into the grid.

 “Hand on heart go for it. Great bit of kit, love the software, and remote monitoring capability, makes a huge difference having those features.”

 Edward, RM Group


This installation was done by Volter’s distributor in the UK, Arbor Heat and Power.

Project Details

Location : Newtown, UK