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Sirkkala Energy Park, Joensuu, Finland


Learning environment for renewable and self-sufficient energy technologies


Sirkkala Energy Park is a learning and service environment of Karelia University of Applied Science where renewable and self-sufficient heat and electricity technologies, applications and solutions are studied and tested. The environment is ideally suited for rapid practical testing of innovations and renewable energy business development. The energy park focuses on testing and developing property sized hybrid energy systems, delivering valuable information on the functionality and efficiency of the equipment.


The Sirkkala Energy Park is used also to study the actual operating and maintenance costs of the various forms of energy production and the cost structure of the whole chain of operations. They study energy efficiency from the total energy balance and resource efficiency point of view. The Energy Park cooperates with companies and research institutes in the region.


Volter’s CHP is used to test and develop woodchip fuel production in cooperation with entrepreneurs in the field of business. The heat and electricity produced in the park is used for the energy needs of the school buildings.


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