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Woodforfuel.com, Old Ballikinrain House, Balfron, Glasgow


Family wood fuel business upgrades facility with renewable heat and power system

WoodForFuel.com is operated in Old Ballikinrain House. The company produces high grade and clean quality firewood and screened woodchip for biomass boilers and CHP units.


High quality wood production and huge savings with Volter 40 Indoor

Old Ballikinrain House’s business, WoodForFuel.com, has grown over the years and to increase the production of their firewood, they started to research different CHP options. To meet the site demands, the decision was to install two compact and tidy Volter 40 Indoor Combined Heat and Power units. These units are generating all the electricity and heat for their home, other buildings and wood drying systems. Their certified woodchip and logs are dried on powerful drying floors and in a purpose-built kiln to get the correct moisture content for their products. Volter’s CHPs are bringing huge savings in diesel bills, and also allowing fast business growth for the company.


This installation was done by Volter’s distributor in the UK, Arbor Heat and Power.

Project Details

Location : Balfron, Glasgow