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Biomass Partners

Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford, UK
Field: Energy ParksManufacturing industry


Biomass Partners, Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford, UK


Reliability of the energy production in an energy park


Volt Factory with 10 Volter 40 Indoors


Stable energy production and successful electricity sales and woodchip businesses

Biomass Partners is a company with a long history of sustainable energy business. The company supply, install and maintenance biomass boilers. Recently they have made a new development by establishing an energy park that follows the Volt Factory concept.

Larger energy production with Volt Factory

Volt Factory is a product concept, where ten or more modularly scalable Volter 40 systems are producing a larger amount of energy. For example, a Volt Factory with ten Volter 40 Indoors, form an energy park with 400 kW of electricity and 1 MW thermal output.

Biomass Partners has ten Volter 40 Indoors installed in a production facility in Rotherwas Industrial Estate. With Volt Factory, the company supplies electricity through a private wire for the use of 15 other businesses at the estate and sells the surplus to the grid. The goal for the future is to cover the heat and electricity demand of the whole industrial estate.

"I travelled around Europe to find key manufactures of CHPs and wood gasifiers, and Volter really stood out with the design and high running hours. If you have any issues with one of ten units, there are still nine units running instead of all factory going down."

Ben Grant, Biomass Partners

Longest running hours and stability to energy production with Volter 40 CHPs

Before deciding on CHP supplier, Biomass Partners owners Colin Bennett and Ben Grant travelled widely around Europe to find the key manufacturers of wood gasifier CHPs.

The main reason for investing in Volter was the longest running hours. Also, a Volt Factory with ten small-scale CHPs instead of one big CHP secures the factory going on also during maintenance breaks; if they are maintaining one of the CHPs, nine still keep producing energy.

In addition, Colin and Ben were impressed by the fine and compact design of Volter 40 Indoor. After visiting Volter in Finland and seeing CHPs running, they were convinced that Volter is the correct choice.

Developing profitable woodchip business on the side

In the county of Herefordshire, there are over 400 biomass installations, which is a relatively high number in a fairly small radius. Therefore, there is a high demand for woodchip fuel in the area. In addition to selling electricity, Colin and Ben saw the opportunity for a profitable business in woodchip production.

Biomass Partners has separated their woodchip facilities from the Volt Factory with a thick wall. Inside the wall, there is the fuel supply silo for the woodchips. The dry woodchip is loaded into the fuel silo with a tractor and a telehandler. With the help of spring feeder, fuel augers and chain conveyor, the woodchips are moved from the silo to the CHP fuel feeding system.

The woodchip drying process is strict. Alongside with the correct chip size, the right moisture level is a critical factor for woodchip fuel. At the Biomass Partners facility, the woodchips are carefully dried on large drying floors. The energy that is needed for the drying process is generated with Volt Factory. A huge heat exchanger turns the energy into a warm air, which is blown on the woodchips through the holes on the bottom of drying floors. Two biomass boilers are supporting the heating process during the winter months. Moist that is formed in the drying process is led out from the building with ventilation fans.

Most of the woodchip is sold to customers around Herefordshire. Ben and Colin have a target to dry and sell 20 000 tons of woodchip in a year in the future.

Solution: Volt Factory

Contains: 10+ scalable Volter 40 CHPs

Volt Factory is a product concept, where ten or more modularly scalable Volter 40 CHPs are producing a larger amount of energy. For example, a Volt Factory with ten Volter 40 CHPs, form an energy park with 400 kW electricity and 1 MW thermal output.

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Volter 40 CHP

Solution: Volter 40 Indoor

Fuel: Woodchips Electric power: 40 kW Heating power: 100 + 20 kW

One Volter 40 Indoor produces enough electricity and heat for the annual needs of a farm, an entire small housing estate or small business. Our plants can be scaled up to multi-unit installations in order to meet the needs of growing energy demand across diverse applications. Electricity is produced by gasifying biomass. Waste heat from the process can be used in hydronic underfloor heating, preheating of air-conditioning or domestic water, to name a few.

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