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Kuittila Farm

Nurmes, Finland
Field: Agriculture


Kuittila Farm, Nurmes, Finland


Massive heating end electricity expenses of the farm and metal workshop


Volter 40 Outdoor


Achieving energy self-sufficiency

Kuittila Farm is located in the city of Nurmes, in North Karelia, Finland. The dairy farm has two milking robots, and the total headcount for the livestock is 320. The farmland covers an area of 150 hectares. In addition to milk production, there is also a metal workshop in the farm. A Volter CHP unit was installed to Kuittila Farm in 2012, and the farm has been energy self-sufficient since then.

Achieving energy independence and significant savings with Volter CHP

In Kuittila Farm, the energy consumption for the three barns, workshop, grain dryer, other buildings and woodchip dryer is massive 450 000 kWh of electricity and 700 000 kWh of heating in a yearly basis, which led the farm owners to consider producing their own energy.   A Volter 40 Outdoor unit was installed on the farm in 2012. Together with solar panels, the Volter CHP produces almost all of the energy the farm needs. In the long term, energy self-sufficiency brings significant savings to the farm.

The CHP consumes 1000m3 woodchip as a fuel per year, which is produced from their own wood. In addition to woodchip drying, the heat from the CHP is used for heating the farm buildings and water. With Volter CHP Kuittila Farm has achieved much more working comfort because now their barns and the storages are warmed up – with their own energy. The electricity is mostly used on the farm, and the excess is sold to the grid.

A forerunner of own, renewable energy production

The North Karelian county is running bioenergy as one of their most important future areas of industry and employer. The Kuittila Farm’s energy production solution raises interest amongst other farmers and business and property owners, educational institutions and different state governments. The farm owners are providing guided visitation tours for visitors all over the world to explore Volter’s CHP.

Even though the CHP requires a bit more work than the old system, the owner feels that energy produced with woodchip is more reasonable than with fossil fuels or purchasing energy. In 2015 the farm owners were rewarded by the Finnish Environment Institute for their exemplary renewable production.

Volter 40 Outdoor

Solution: Volter 40 Outdoor

Fuel: Woodchip Electric power: 40 kW Heating power: 100 + 20 kW

Volter 40 Outdoor combined Heat and Power plant (CHP) is designed for outdoor or temporary installation. The CHP is built into a standard 40' HC DD sea container and is delivered factory tested, ready for shipping as a standard sea freight container.

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