Walter for energy parks

Etusivu Walter power plants Walter for energy parks


We have an efficient and ecologic solution for:

  • Industrial estates
  • Utilities
  • Investors
  • Energy developers / innovators / universities

Energy security 1. Energy security

With our Walter woodchip powerplant, energy production is secured all year round, regardless of the circumstances. Our CHP is not dependent on the sun or the wind, nor does it frighten snow or storms or any other unstable weather conditions. As long as woodchip fuel is available, the CHP continues producing energy for your needs.

Energy cost savings 2. Energy cost savings

Wood is both an ecological and economical energy source. With Volter you will gain significant energy cost savings in relatively short payback time. Walter consumes 5,6 cubic meters of woodchip per 24 hours.

With 20 cubic meters of woodchip, you can cover the annual electricity and heating needs and charge an electric car for a family of six persons. Approximately two kilograms of dry woodchip replaces one litre of oil.

No extra buildings 3. No extra building needed

The compact design of Walter woodchip powerplant makes it possible to install the CHP in any building with sufficient space – no need to invest money and time into building a new facility for your energy production.

Boost for local economy 4. Boost for local employment and economy

Investing in a Walter woodchip powerplant provides the community with an excellent opportunity to boost the local economy by carrying out circulation economy. By harvesting the wood from local forests, using local companies to process the fuel and maintaining the CHP, you can keep the money in your community and even bring jobs to the area.

Short return on invest 5. Short return on investment

Energy security 6. Local Support

Our distributorship model guarantees our customers a fast and high-quality support network. In Volter Academies, we transfer all the needed know-how for our distributors so that their technicians can serve our end customers locally in a best possible way.

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