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Volter for Energy parks

Are you interested in establishing an Energy Park?

We have an efficient and ecologic solution for:

  • Industrial estates
  • Utilities
  • Investors
  • Energy developers / innovators / universities


With Volt Factory concept you will guarantee the continuous availability of energy. For example, a Volt Factory with ten small-scale CHPs instead of one big CHP ensures the energy production going on also during maintenance breaks; if you are maintaining one of the CHPs, nine others keep still producing energy for you.

Energy Security

With Volter 40 CHP, energy production is secured all year round, regardless of the circumstances. Our CHP is not dependent on the sun or the wind, nor does it frighten snow or storms or any other unstable weather conditions. As long as woodchip fuel is available, the CHP  continues producing energy for your needs.

Long running hours

With proper maintenance of the Volter 40 CHPs and sound quality of the fuel, we guarantee 7800 annual running hours for your CHP.

High quality

We have very high-quality standards for our CHPs. We have carefully planned our production process from the beginning to the end, and we use only first-class components for building our CHPs. For example, our gas engine is manufactured by Sisu Agco, who has a long history of producing high-quality motors for tractors and other mechanical industry machines.

Local Support

Our distributorship model guarantees our customers a fast and high-quality support network. In Volter Academies, we transfer all the needed know-how for our distributors so that their technicians can serve our end customers locally in a best possible way.

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