Microgrids & Distributed Renewable Energy

Etusivu Microgrids & Distributed Renewable Energy

A microgrid is a local network of electricity sources and loads. Microgrids usually operate as part of the traditional wide area grid in normal conditions but can be disconnected to work in “island mode” to function autonomously or in off-grid mode.

Microgrids usually integrate different forms of renewable energy such as bioenergy, photovoltaic sources, wind or small scale hydroelectric power to form hybrid networks with a high level of resilience and versatility for emergencies and other situations where uninterrupted power is required.

Volter provides microgrids and integration of distributed renewable energy sources up to 1 MW in size as a standard solution, larger capacity available on request.

The Volter Microgrid delivery is tailored for every project but includes the following main components:

  • Volter Microgrid Controller
  • Energy Storage solution
  • Sources of renewable energy, such as:
    • Volter 40 bioenergy sources
    • Photovoltaic systems
    • Microhydro solutions
    • Small scale wind turbines

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