Volter 40 Indoor

  • fuel: Woodchips
  • Electric power: 40 kW
  • Heating power: 100 + 20 kW

Etusivu Volter 40 Indoor

Volter 40 Indoor is a CHP system that produces enough electricity and heat for the annual needs of a farm, an entire small housing estate or small business. Our CHP’s can be scaled up to multi-unit installations to meet the needs of growing energy demand across diverse applications. Electricity is produced by gasifying biomass in the form of wood chips. Waste heat from the process can be used in agriculture or industrial processes, hydronic underfloor heating, preheating of air-conditioning or domestic water, to name a few.

Timelapse of plant construction

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Electric power

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Heating power as warm water

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Heating power as warm air

Length: 4,8 m | Width: 1,2 m | Height: 2,5 m | Mass: 4,5 tn | Colours: white, gray and green | Structure: steel frame, sheet metal covers with thermal insulation and soundproofing | Installation: on a concrete base, indoors | Fuel feeding: external spring agitator and chain conveyor | Fuel consumption: ca. 4.5 loose cubic meters/24 h | Automation: Schneider Electric programmable logic; GSM alarms, remote internet control | Connection requirements: electricity cable, heat piping (cold in, warm out), internet connection, GSM connection | Fuel: Wood chips