Case study


Commercialization of heating containers

Etusivu Service references Propellet – Commercialization of heating containers

ProPellet Oy is a pioneer in renewable heat energy, company´s heat service and heat sales are realized with an easy turnkey concept, including both heating equipment and fuel. ProPellet builds 10-20 new heating plants every year – depending on your needs, you can get either just the equipment or both equipment and fuel. There is a suitable solution for every heating need.

Volter is commercialization partner of ProPellet´s thermal containers. Although the power and other requirements of heating plants vary, the benefits of series production are achieved by harmonizing structures and using modularity in different versions.

The heating plants are built using components from selected suppliers and the container is built around selected components. It is important to collect all the pieces of the puzzle in the same design program, an up-to-date 3d model of the product is a good basis for all the necessary documentation.

Agile product commercialization serves the order – supply chain, but is also reflected to the customer for years to come.

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