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Volter for independent energy production

Are you interested in producing your own energy?

We have an efficient and ecologic solution for:

  • Farmers
  • Woodchip producers
  • Sawmills
  • Greenhouses
  • Wineries
  • Commercial buildings
  • Manufacturing businesses
  • Residential development and associations
  • Hotels and spas

Simple installation

We deliver Volter 40 CHPs factory tested and ready for use. With the delivery, our customers will receive clear commissioning instructions. The local distributors are trained to support our customers through the installation and deployment phase.

Easy solution

We offer our customers an easy way to produce energy independently. Our advanced automation system, remote control and cloud service Volter Space give extra comfort in producing own, renewable energy; it doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have your mobile phone, laptop or other devices with you, you can control and monitor your CHP.

Local support

Our distributorship model guarantees our customers a fast and high-quality support network. In Volter Academies, we transfer all the needed know-how for our distributors so that their technicians can serve our end customers locally in a best possible way. Find your local distributor from here.

Energy cost savings

Wood is both an ecological and economical energy source. With Volter you will gain significant energy cost savings in relatively short payback time. Volter 40 CHP consumes 4,5 cubic meters of wood chips per 24 hours. With 20 cubic meters of woodchip, you can cover the annual electricity and heating needs and charge an electric car for a family of six persons. Approximately two kilograms of dry wood chips replaces one litre of oil.

Sustainable energy production

Adopting new renewable energy sources is one of the most significant future opportunities of our planet. Biomasses are a real alternative to fossil fuels. Volter’s technology replaces one litre of oil with two kilograms of dry wood. With Volter you can reduce your carbon footprint without compromising the comforts of your home.

Reference cases

...of independent energy producers using Volter

Hamatech, Miyazaki, Japan

Challenge: Finding a biomass energy solution that combines power generation with forestry

Solution: Volter 40 Indoor with fuel handling and drying solution

Benefits: Introducing a show-case project where the heat is used for heating greenhouses and electricity is sold to the grid through a feed-in-tariff system, introducing a new forestry based business model for the Miyazaki area

Cairnhill Farm, Girvan, Scotland, UK

Challenge: High energy costs and expensive boost in grid infrastructure

Solution: Two Volter 40 Indoors

Benefits: Significant monthly energy cost savings of over 11´000 GBP, return on investment in less than three years, carbon footprint reduced by 89%

John Ruck Construction, Leominster, Herefordshire, UK

Challenge: High energy consumption of the two manufacturing companies

Solution: Three Volter 40 Indoors

Benefits: Covering own energy needs and getting income by selling excess to the grid

Sirkkala Energy Park, Joensuu, Finland

Challenge: Creating a learning environment to study energy production cost structure

Solution: Volter 40 Outdoor

Benefits: Testing facilities for woodchip fuel production

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