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Cairnhill Farm

Girvan, Scotland, UK

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Cairnhill Farm, Girvan, Scotland, UK


High energy costs and expensive boost in grid infrastructure


Two Volter 40 Indoors


Significant monthly energy cost savings of over 11´000 GBP, return on investment in less than three years, carbon footprint reduced by 89%

Cairnhill Farm is located in Scotland, Ayrshire, on the coast of the Firth of Clyde, in the beautiful Girvan Valley. Side by side with the farm operates a butchery business and a meat processing facility We Hae Meat. Two Volter 40 Indoor Combined Heat and Power units are producing energy for both businesses.

Four generations of farming in Cairnhill

The two businesses are run and owned by Alex Paton and his wife, Carlyn. Alex is the fourth generation of Patons in Cairnhill. As previous three generation before him, Alex has expanded the farm over the years. He is following the footsteps and guideline of his father and grandfather; the main thing in your farming life is to hand over your farm in the better condition than you received it. And if you can do that, you have achieved something in your farming life.

Ten years ago Alex bought a local butcher shop with the idea of building a brand of his own beef. After a year the demand for his beef had grown from local stores to national wide. To meet the demand, they build meat processing facilities. Today We Hae Meat delivers sausages, steaks, beef and pies through the biggest grocery stores all over the UK.


Monthly savings


Return on investment


Carbon footprint reduced

"The investment makes environmental sense, but there is no point of doing things that only makes environmental sense, it makes financial sense as well. The two need to go hand in hand. I love the fact that I can help environment and I love the fact that I have got a massive step over my competitors, because nobody else is doing it in Scotland."

Alex Paton, Cairnhill Farm