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Power from Wood

With Volter you can produce your own green electricity and heat locally – when you need it. Wherever you are. Whatever the weather is. Our premium technology puts the power in your hands.

For Independent Energy Producing

Are you interested in producing your own energy? Check out our solutions for:

Farmers Woodchip producers Sawmills Greenhouses Wineries Commercial buildings Manufacturing businesses Residential development and associations Hotels and spas

Volter for Independent energy producing

For Communities

Are you interested in boosting the economy of your community? See our solutions for:

Communities Public sector Sport facilities Hospitals Schools Off-grid areas

Volter for community

For Energy Parks

Are you interested in establishing an Energy Park? Check out our solutions for:

Industrial estates Utilities Investors Energy developers / innovators / universities

Volter for energy parks

Your own electricity from wood

This is how it's done.

100+ Plants delivered Check out the products
20 Employees See our story
12 Countries with Distributor Contact us
Electric power
Heating power as warm water
Heating power as warm air

"From the day we received our Volter 40 Indoor from Finland, we have always been able to count on Volter Japan’s support. Sales team and engineers regularly keep in touch with us by calling or by visiting us and it gives us the sense of security...."

Hiroumi Syukuwa, Director, Miyazaki Sales Office

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"I travelled around Europe to find key manufactures of CHPs and wood gasifiers, and Volter really stood out with the design and high running hours. If you have any issues with one of ten units, there are still nine units running instead of all factory going down...."

Ben Grant, Biomass Partners

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"The investment makes environmental sense, but there is no point of doing things that only makes environmental sense, it makes financial sense as well. The two need to go hand in hand. I love the fact that I can help environment and I love the fact that I have got a massive step over my competitors, because nobody else is doing it in Scotland...."

Alex Paton, Cairnhill Farm

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"The ArborElectroGen45 [Volter 40 Indoor] units are a great design because they are compact and slick, so they can easily fit into a building. I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering biogas CHP systems...."

John Ruck, John Ruck Construction and Elms Green Woodchip

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"Alpua was granted the Village of the Year award in 2015 and Volter’s CHP installation was the major factor in achieving it. It has also brought an enormous number of visitors to the village and most of them from foreign countries, which enlivens Alpua and also brings income to the village. The CHP sparks interest especially among the older generation, to whom the wood gasifier is familiar from t..."

Esko, Alpua Development Association

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Tips and news

Finnish Minister of Energy visits Volter

January 2, 2019

Mr Kimmo Tiilikainen, the Minister of Energy, Environment and Housing of Finland visited Volter at Tupos on 3rd December 2018 to...

Volter Japan and Forest Energy to collaborate in sales

November 19, 2018

Volter is proud to announce a new sales collaboration in the Japanese renewable energy market to boost sales of Volter Japan and...

Volter and the battle against global warming

October 11, 2018

Power from Wood – How does biomass-based bioenergy contribute to the battle against global warming? Everybody today is aware...

New distributor in Japan

October 9, 2018

We are happy to introduce the latest addition to our global distributor network - Forest Energy Inc. Forest Energy is...

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