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Hamatech, Miyazaki, Japan

Challenge: Finding a biomass energy solution that combines power generation with forestry

Solution: Volter 40 Indoor with fuel handling and drying solution

Benefits: Introducing a show-case project where the heat is used for heating greenhouses and electricity is sold to the grid through a feed-in-tariff system, introducing a new forestry based business model for the Miyazaki area

Cairnhill Farm, Girvan, Scotland, UK

Challenge: High energy costs and expensive boost in grid infrastructure

Solution: Two Volter 40 Indoors

Benefits: Significant monthly energy cost savings of over 11´000 GBP, return on investment in less than three years, carbon footprint reduced by 89%

John Ruck Construction, Leominster, Herefordshire, UK

Challenge: High energy consumption of the two manufacturing companies

Solution: Three Volter 40 Indoors

Benefits: Covering own energy needs and getting income by selling excess to the grid

New Trust, Katagami, Japan

Challenge: Developing the greenhouse business profitable with the current wage cost structure

Solution: Volter 40 Indoor

Benefits: Stabilizing economy by reducing energy costs and selling electricity to the grid

Sirkkala Energy Park, Joensuu, Finland

Challenge: Creating a learning environment to study energy production cost structure

Solution: Volter 40 Outdoor

Benefits: Testing facilities for woodchip fuel production

Campus Evenstad, Koppang, Norway

Challenge: Sustainable energy solution for Zero Emission Building project

Solution: Volter 40 Indoor

Benefits: Self-sufficient renewable electricity, heat and warm water for ten buildings

"From the day we received our Volter 40 Indoor from Finland, we have always been able to count on Volter Japan’s support. Sales team and engineers regularly keep in touch with us by calling or by visiting us and it gives us the sense of security...."

Hiroumi Syukuwa, Director, Miyazaki Sales Office

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"The investment makes environmental sense, but there is no point of doing things that only makes environmental sense, it makes financial sense as well. The two need to go hand in hand. I love the fact that I can help environment and I love the fact that I have got a massive step over my competitors, because nobody else is doing it in Scotland...."

Alex Paton, Cairnhill Farm

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"The ArborElectroGen45 [Volter 40 Indoor] units are a great design because they are compact and slick, so they can easily fit into a building. I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering biogas CHP systems...."

John Ruck, John Ruck Construction and Elms Green Woodchip

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