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Powerful possibilities from wood

We make your own electricity and heat production possible.

The electrical output for one Volter 40 CHP is 40 kW with the thermal output of 100 kW. One CHP produces enough electricity and heat for the annual needs of a farm, an entire small housing estate or a small business. Volter CHP is modularly scalable, and for example, twenty-five CHPs forms an energy park with 1 MW electricity output.


Our solution offers several unique benefits:

  • Ecological – Replacing fossil fuels with CO2 neutral biomass
  • Economical – With a competitive price per kWh
  • Reliable – Most uptime with high level of automation and premium quality
  • Easy to use – With the easiest  user interface and highest level of automation in the market
  • Available – When other forms of local renewable energy are down
  • Space saving – with the smallest plant footprint in the market
  • Scalable – Multiple units can be combined together for larger plants.

Volter academy will train you to master the products, and our local support network will help if you ever need assistance.

Volter 40 CHP

Volter 40 Indoor

Fuel: Woodchips Electric power: 40 kW Heating power: 100 + 20 kW

One Volter 40 Indoor produces enough electricity and heat for the annual needs of a farm, an entire small housing estate or small business. Our plants can be scaled up to multi-unit installations in order to meet the needs of growing energy demand across diverse applications. Electricity is produced by gasifying biomass. Waste heat from the process can be used in hydronic underfloor heating, preheating of air-conditioning or domestic water, to name a few.

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Volter 40 Outdoor

Volter 40 Outdoor

Fuel: Woodchip Electric power: 40 kW Heating power: 100 + 20 kW

Volter 40 Outdoor combined Heat and Power plant (CHP) is designed for outdoor or temporary installation. The CHP is built into a standard 40' HC DD sea container and is delivered factory tested, ready for shipping as a standard sea freight container.

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Volt Factory

Contains: 10+ scalable Volter 40 CHPs

Volt Factory is a product concept, where ten or more modularly scalable Volter 40 CHPs are producing a larger amount of energy. For example, a Volt Factory with ten Volter 40 CHPs, form an energy park with 400 kW electricity and 1 MW thermal output.

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Microgrids & Distributed Renewable Energy

Volter Microgrid is a solution for microgrids and hydrid renewable energy distributed systems. Volter Microgrid combines a Volter Microgrid Controlled with sources of distributed renewable sources to form in independent island of power from 40kW to 1MW and above.

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OEM Solutions

We provide tailored OEM solutions, project deliveries and contract manufacturing for energy, industrial or other fields. Contact us to learn more!

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Woodchip dryers and other bioenergy accessories

Complete solution

Besides CHP systems, Volter provides complete power solutions for wood gasification, including fuel and waste conveyors, fuel dryers and other associated systems.

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Volter Academy

Volter Academy is a training that we provide to persons who maintain the Volter 40 CHPs. With thorough training, we guarantee the high quality of local support, a short response time in case of issues and smooth running of the CHPs.

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