Sustainably sourced, renewably dried wood chip from Herefordshire

3 Counties Wood Fuels is a company that produces round timber from sustainable sources and has successfully progressed as a business over the last 35 years.

More woodchip drying capacity with Volter’s next-generation technology

3 Counties Wood Fuels business has grown alongside with the growing awareness of biomass technologies and demand for high-quality woodchip, so updating their drying capacity was necessary. They become interested in next-generation technology and replacing their old biomass boilers with a system that would provide both heat and electricity for their daily needs.

"We looked at other units but I was very impressed with the Arbor [Volter 40 Indoor] system. With our background of forestry machinery from Finland, which have been excellent with their attention to detail, we knew it would be a quality system."

Louis, 3 Counties Wood Fuels