Red apples from a green business

Alton Court in Herefordshire is a beef and arable farm with the addition of cider orchards producing apples for Gaymers, Aston Manor and Bulmers. The farm produces its energy with Volter CHP, biomass boiler and solar panels.

Reduced carbon footprint and more proven technology with Volter’s CHP

With the growth of Alton Court’s business, the farm’s energy consumption has also increased. The farm owners had a strong interest in renewables and ambition to reduce both their carbon footprint and energy bills, ultimately leading them to CHP systems. Volter 40 Indoor Combined Heat and Power plant was chosen for its more proven technology and better figures comparing to other similar systems. Volter’s CHP uses less wood at higher moisture content, bringing more savings in fuel costs.

"The earlier you get into something within the Renewables sector the better"

Will, Alton Court