Evenstad Campus is 260 students and employees’ department of Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences – INN University. It is located at the heart of Østerdalen in Koppang, Norway. The campus offers education in forestry and wildlife management, hunting, fishing, nature guidance, bioenergy and applied ecology.

Construction project with high-level environmental ambitions

The Volter 40 Indoor unit has been operating at the Evenstad Campus since late 2016. The reason behind the CHP investment decision is the construction of the new office and educational building for the campus. The building is a pilot project for the Research Center  Zero Emission Buildings (ZEB), which means considering the environmental impact throughout the construction process and building lifecycle. This requires choosing solutions that ensure greenhouse gas emissions from construction, operation and materials are compensated through the production of local renewable energy at the campus. After considering the large solar system, wind power and some other options, the conclusion was that the CHP installation is the best solution to meet the ZEB project’s requirements.

Norway’s first small-scale CHP installation

Volter 40 Indoor system is the first small-scale Combined Heat and Power unit installation in Norway, and it is producing renewable electricity, heat and warm water for ten buildings, allowing the campus to be fully self-sufficient regarding heat and warm water. About 30 per cent of the electricity consumption is covered with the CHP and a solar system.

This installation was done by Volter’s distributor in the Norway, ETA Norje.