Towards a zero-emission community with Keiwa

Keiwa Kogyo is a waste management company in Sendai, Japan. Keiwa is building a recycling-oriented society through promoting the appropriate disposal and recycling of waste. Together with their employees, customers and region, Keiwa is proactively developing technologies to achieve zero emissions. The company has expanded its business through developing a biomass segment as a part of this mission.

Reliability and smart design from Volter

After reviewing various CHP technologies on the market and after seeing the Volter 40 Indoor unit in Japan, Keiwa were convinced of the reliability of the Volter unit and in how the supply system and energy distribution systems are organised. They saw the Volter 40 Indoor smart design adding marketing value to the company.

This installation was done by Volter´s distributor in Japan, Volter Japan.