Volter Japan has a Combined Heat and Power installation at road station in Takanosu. The excess heat coming from the CHP is used for the warm footbath, that is offered to visitors for free.

Volter 40 Indoor unit rooted in the community

In recent years, Japan has begun to invest more in alternative forms of energy. The neat thing about the Volter 40 Indoor is the utility of literally being rooted in the community; small and local electricity and heat production with a clean and renewable fuel source create a local economy, serving as a great answer to Japan’s national efforts promoting decentralized small-scale sustainable energy production.

Ashiyu, traditional Japanese foot bath

Public bathing is part of traditional Japanese culture and ashiyu, a foot bath, is one variation of it. People can easily enjoy a warm and relaxing foot bath in the middle of a busy day for example on a street corner, railway station, rest area or a park. Even if only legs are soaked into the water, the whole body warms up through the veins in the legs, making ashiyu a really pleasant experience.

The Takanosu road station is a place where people come for lunch and to buy local produce, speciality products and souvenirs. In addition, the road station offers ashiyu for free for the visitors, giving an opportunity to refresh and relax between lunch and shopping. The water for the foot bath is powered by excess heat from the Volter 40 Indoor. The electricity produced by Voter´s CHP is sold into the grid.

This installation was done by Volter´s distributor in Japan, Volter Japan.