The perfect renewable accompaniment to farmer’s AD plant

Warren Farm has numerous operations from arable to chicken rearing, and also an extensive Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant development installation.

Volter’s CHP working alongside with an AD Plant

Warren Farm is at the forefront of new technologies and renewables. Owners of the farm wanted to complement the existing AD plant with an advanced gasifier system. The farm had extra capacity in both the export grid connection and the heat exchanger. After researching the topic thoroughly, Volter 40 Indoor Combined Heat and Power plant was selected because it is the perfect solution for their needs. Volter 40 Indoor produces heat for the offices and working building for the AD plant and for drying woodchip, digestate and other materials. All the electricity is exported into the grid.

This installation was done by Volter’s partner in the UK, Arbor Heat and Power.